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Is ignorance worse than apathy?

life’s biggest question

Why I love watching 90s Hindi movies which i think are marginally better than the stuff you have to sit through today as explained by the talented Raja Sen

the hackiest of 80s and 90s films rerunning endlessly on movie channels on television remain somewhat watchable simply because they had big meaty storylines. They might have been bad movies, but there was enough meat in the narrative — there were real stakes and genuine threats and points of conflict and misunderstanding and some manner of authentic twists — to render them at least potent

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Thank you Robin. Thank you Erika
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Sometimes you need a nice nostalgia kick to lift your spirits!

the under-used super talented JAVED JAFFREY!!!!!!!!!!

not ranting just saying

i think my desk plant is close to dying. i am not watering it everyday. i want to treat it symbolically, but i am not arriving to any cool analogy, which would in turn give me good reasoning to water the godamn plant.

of course by now it can be deduced the plant is not the problem. the problem is there is no metaphor for it which can explain why would i rant so much about it.

why am i talking about a plant why?

Reasons why i wont get a job #4546

I refuse to say that i am a strategist. what is strategy? ability to plan. i can plan yes but i should know all my motives every detail every thing i need to be aware of then comment on the planning. don’t ask me can i plan. plan what? plan a life? dont be ambiguous.

why do people say / ask ridiculous things which i take literally. 

Best life advice ever

Apne dimaag ko naa storage ke tarah nahin, processor ke tarah istamaal karo.

Translation: Use your brain as a processor not as storage.

my friend you are my glorious friend

we say stupid meaningless things and then i say you are so stupid and then you respond with you are so lame and then we fall into a lull of joy while contemplating the ever impending sadness that surrounds us at all times.

Can we buy laughter

I want to cry with it

can we buy joy

i wanna spread it across places

can we buy broken hearts

i want to mend them all

can we buy bittersweet memories

i want to make symphonies out of them

can we buy lost faces

i wanna bring to them familiarity

can we buy love

can we?

thing that has baffled me the most


and now i am going to watch it with Boyhood. which i wont wait a theatrical release for.