Oh no!

This blog is now transformed into a journal of random observations and thoughts.

Best life advice ever

Apne dimaag ko naa storage ke tarah nahin, processor ke tarah istamaal karo.

Translation: Use your brain as a processor not as storage.

my friend you are my glorious friend

we say stupid meaningless things and then i say you are so stupid and then you respond with you are so lame and then we fall into a lull of joy while contemplating the ever impending sadness that surrounds us at all times.

Can we buy laughter

I want to cry with it

can we buy joy

i wanna spread it across places

can we buy broken hearts

i want to mend them all

can we buy bittersweet memories

i want to make symphonies out of them

can we buy lost faces

i wanna bring to them familiarity

can we buy love

can we?

thing that has baffled me the most


and now i am going to watch it with Boyhood. which i wont wait a theatrical release for. 


one day this blog will be what is left of me. and it will be cool. cause the blog is cool. 

For every person who needs that pick me up

For every person who needs that pick me up

Books I am slated to write

The broken ankle and the lost book

Like a stagnant pond

this is horrible.make it stop.”

“Over-thinking Ostracized the Owl.”

—   Megha Karande (via nimbus007)

Why the corporate slave must drudge on

or not

this isn’t about the joys and haplessness of working. but more of a testimony to the fact that sometimes you confine yourself to the absolute norm to fit in sufficiently till that day comes and you realize you arent doing this for yourself, so what is the whole purpose

William Miller :So, Russell…

what do you love about music?

Russell Hammond:To begin with…


—   almost famous